Café Móvel launches in Karnataka

CafeMovel launch

CafeMovel launch

Café Móvel Service was formally launched on 22nd August 2013 by Padmashree MS Rao, IAS, Secretary, Department of Commerce, Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India at Chickmagalur, Karnataka. The dignitaries present in the occasion were JS Deepak, Assistant Secretary, Department of Commerce, Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India, Jawaid Akhtar, IAS, Chairman of the Coffee Board, the Deputy Commissioner of Chikmagalur district and the other senior officials from the Coffee Board. 

Café Móvel (meaning mobile coffee in Portuguese) is a mobile enabled extension service for the coffee farmers aimed at enhancing the efficiency and impact of the coffee extension service of the Indian Coffee Board, by innovative use of mobile technology. This service is designed, deployed and maintained by CABI, with help from the Coffee Board of India and with financial support from the International Coffee Organization and Common Fund for Commodities

The Café Móvel service is based on IVR (Interactive Voice Response) technology, hybridized with text applications such as SMS, USSD etc. The key functionalities available in the IVR are;

  • Interactive Learning; through FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) on coffee production in India and Alerts to sensitize the coffee farmers with need based information such weather, market price, pest prevalence etc. The unique feature in “interactive learning” that is while listening to any message, the listener, can ask questions which are automatically sent to the provider of the message, thus creating a one to one interaction between the expert (message author) and farmer (listener).
  • Helpline: A 24×7 helpline is available through the IVR where farmers can contact the experts from the Coffee Board or record their queries. The system works without a physical call center set up and instead of call center agents; the system itself identifies the available experts and connects the caller to the expert automatically.
  • Personalized QnA: Café Móvel service give this unique ability to its users to share their discussion with the experts to other people in the community in the form of a recorded “talk show” over mobile phone. Thus the entire community benefits from this knowledge sharing.
  • Analytics: Café Móvel service captures analyses and provides very useful analytics that can be very helpful for the various interest groups such as researchers, policy makers, businesses etc. The analytics are made available through a simple web based application.
  • Quality Assurance: The entire content development and dissemination process in Café Móvel is a moderated process with functionality of moderation either using web application or simply a mobile phone. Thus it ensures the messages that go out are correct and relevant for the people.

About direct2farm
Direct 2Farm is an Agriculture Infomediary Service aimed at making high quality and reliable information accessible to farmers, enabling them to “optimize resources”, and take “informed decisions” resulting in profitable farming activity supporting livelihood improvement.

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