Project Airtel Kilimo: CABI and KARI team meet for consultation

CABI and KARI team for the project Airtel Kilimo
CABI and KARI team for the project Airtel Kilimo

To provide on time, high qualtiy information to the farmers

In Kenya, recently a team of the Kenya Agriculture Research Institute (KARI) scientists involved in the content validation for the Airtel Kilimo project met in Nakuru for a one week consultation. The aim of the consultation was to validate and translate SMS and Voice messages for the Airtel Kilimo project. As a capacity building activity for the team, CABI is organising training on D2F database as a way of strengthening the process of content validation, which can further aid in creating an effective quality assurance procedure for the content. As a result, farmers will be benefitted by getting high quality agricultural content from the database.

Airtel Kilimo is a project launched in Kenya for the farmers to provide them with real-time information through mobile phones. This initiative is aimed at providing phone-based agricultural information, advice and support to smallholder farmers over Airtel’s mobile network. This service is utilizing Africa’s mobile network and technologies to bridge the knowledge gap in rural areas. The project is being funded by Airtel and GSMA’s mAgri programme which aims to leverage mobile technology in emerging markets to improve smallholder farmer productivity and income.

About direct2farm
Direct 2Farm is an Agriculture Infomediary Service aimed at making high quality and reliable information accessible to farmers, enabling them to “optimize resources”, and take “informed decisions” resulting in profitable farming activity supporting livelihood improvement.

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