World Soil Day

???????????????????????????????The World Soil Day highlights the importance of soil. Soil is a critical component of our natural system, which vitally contributes to food, water, energy, climate, biodiversity and life.

On December 20, 2013, the 68th UN General Assembly declared December 5th, 2014 as World Soil Day and 2015 as the International Year of Soils. This official recognition of this day underlines the importance of soils.

Soils have been overlooked for long. Deteriorating soil health has been a cause of concern. Imbalanced use of fertilizers, low use of organic matter and non-replacement of depleted micro and secondary nutrients over the years, has resulted in nutrient deficiencies and decrease in soil richness. The World Soil Day campaign aims to bring awareness among people about how soil has critical importance in our lives.

About direct2farm
Direct 2Farm is an Agriculture Infomediary Service aimed at making high quality and reliable information accessible to farmers, enabling them to “optimize resources”, and take “informed decisions” resulting in profitable farming activity supporting livelihood improvement.

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